Black & white – the two opposite „colours” of the spectrum which fusion have always inspired the imagination of man’s mind and has been a challenge in art, design, fashion, interiors, technologies and more. The combination of black & white in any shape is announced as one of the main fashion trends for 2013!

 Black and white are the brightest and the darkest colours of the spectrum, and often represent the contrast between day and night, light and darkness or good and evil. More often they are even not titled as colours, but rather the origin and the result of something: white contains all the wavelengths of visible light without absorption, while black is the result of the absence of light.The shades of black and white can be defined as a continuum producing a range of shades of gray, and have actually determined the development of many technologies and inventions throughout the history, such as photography, media, television and more. The combination of black and white in media and photography provides a special character and mood to the certain piece of art.Black and white often represent formality and seriousness, as in the business suits, school uniforms, costumes of judges and priests, or formal evening dresses, like monks of the Dominican order, or the agents of FBI until the ’70ies. The combination of these two colors also occures in music, religions, games and other fields to enhance the contrast, or to make a clear distinction between them. Great examples to these are the ancient-known chess game, the piano with its keyboard and the reproduction of these patterns in todays art and design.Enjoy our black & white photo compilation and set your fantasy free!


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