Ne Spoon, the anonymous street artist from Warsaw has already left her traces of art in many cities outside Poland as well. With the new idea of beautiful lace patterns, often called the „city jewelleries”, the artist brings feminity, sophistication and special atmosphere into rough public places, streets and hidden outdoor details, forming contrast effects with her art.


It is fabulous how the otherwise complicated, elegant patterns can nobly brighten up the aged buildings, industrial plants, crashed walls, rusty doors, road crackings, grey concrete surfaces, tree holes or urban parks. Many times she makes special forms and sizes for a certain, appointed surface she choose. These feminine mandala-like embroidered and rosacea patterns are a result of hard work she invests in her art. The artist sometimes cooperates with ceramic craftsmen by using spontaneous, non-invasive technics. Those who had some experience with ceramics will certainly understand how this is a time-consuming technic.


The uncommon idea of mixing feminity with harsh environment are a great example how creativity and art can change the impression. The destroyed architectural surfaces represent a growing trend in nowadays street art. However, NeSpoon is not fond of calling her work a street art, she considers herself rather an „outdoor artist” who brings beauty into public places. Unfortunately some of her street art ceramic pieces had been stolen, even if they were fixed strongly to the surface.
Similarly to most street artists she never reveals her identity as the result of a constant battle between the state authorities and free street artists. She is making art for free, and bumps up like Zorro: often leaving traces without noise and bringing joy with her presence. Certainly her artworks provide a pleasant momentary escape from the „grey” everydays.

More photos


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