Before I got to introduce this interesting project, I felt I have to emphasize the rising of Russian youth and their international eruption. And now I am to question: Who is Gosha Rubchinskiy?gosha rubchinskyHe is a young Russian contemporary artist- fashion designer, photographer and filmmaker. His work I’m writing about now is named TRANSFIGURATION. The project is launched in Summer 2011 – a gallery space, photography workshop and skateboard park at the same time situated in Saint Petersburg on the island of New Holland. It is like temporary summertime place where young generations have possibility to spend meaningful time, and also it has hosted different events such as exhibitions, skateboarding competitions and live shows. Probably inspired by this interesting, young, rebellious generation, Gosha issued the “TRANSFIGURATION BOOK” as a part of this multilateral project where he collects portraits of skaters and street boys creating parallels with biblical symbols, statues and some landscapes from Russian reality. Themes are traced back to Russian religion roots, post soviet period and to combative mentality which is the remained manifestation of old political system. He intends to show the political, economical and cultural changes through different disciplines of art. I think this is the point when somebody becomes a real artist: you have a capability to turn rough, rhapsodic reality into subtle, romantic form through intelligent way of communication. From this surrounding Gosha creates his own world. Take a look inside! I think two another collaborators should be mentioned here: publisher Junsuke Yamasaki and art director Pavel Milkyakov.


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