Central European clothing design competition „Gombold újra” was closed on May 17-18. Jury of design from 49 competitors choose twenty designers who will present their collection for the Central European final jury at Fashion Days. This event will be held on June 7-8-9.The jury evaluates each piece in detailed manner, the quality of workmanship and fabric usage are the most important elements. Each competitor has opportunity to showcase his/her own collection and respond to questions. The project taughts the participants that the talent is not enough for success. It is very important to know how the designers will achieve their own ideas, how to make the pieces in professional workmanship. Despite the fact that someone wins or not, the competitors have possibility to participate in real designing process: from imaging the visual ideas in head until the last section-to be ready for the market expectations. Browsing among the pictures you ’ll recognize many ethno elements mixed with modern fabrics and lines. Organical forms with bold details or colourful spectacle view. Behind each collection stands a stable conceptual vision and thought. We can say that designers have revised the traditional wear. Congratulation to all participants!Facts what you have to know about Gombold újra festival:it was launched in 2011 as rethinking of old traditional Hungarian dress revival. In the following year the competition was extended with fashion shows of well-known Hungarian designers and interesting fashion theme conferences and fairs. This year the festival moved to a higher level: three day fashion event as part of Central European Fashion Days.This step will put the event to an international level.

The selected designers are:


NUBU-Bao Bao
Dóri Tomcsanyi – Panel


MASAMOD – Figurin
Rienne Creations – Zavora


Antal Ágota – Wrinkled carpet
Csik Orsolya – Bedclothes 2014
Demeter Lilla – Farm
Gyebnád Hajnalka – On road
Iner – Loyalty
Wonderground – Budapest Wonderground
Magyar Réka, Schuller Mária, Sümegi Réka, Temesi Apol & Vértesi Borbála – POPO
Mán Renáta – Hej / Csuhej
Pusztai Judit – Metamorphosis
Janu Zsuzsanna – Back to Nature
Szűcs Ágnes – Spirit of André


Berecz Vanda – Metro
Bozsik Szilvia – Eozin
Gottlieb Réka – Change-wave
Kovács Ágnes – System & form
Veszprémi Gabriella – Dazzle

Good luck to them!





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  1. Great dresses, I love it

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