Today begins the fifth Mikser Festival – the largest regional event of creativity, design and innovation held in Belgrade, Serbia from May 28 until June 2.fotka_ulice

This year the main theme is „Transit” what awakens inspiration in many artists through complex art disciplines. The program contains lectures, panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, literature, markets, presentation, promotion and development of regional design scene with flexible, innovative designers, brands and products.The festival was divided in different sections as Balkan Design Expo, music conference New Deal, Mikser Urban Lab, Mikser Bazar, Arts & Tours, Levi’s and Elle (R)evolution, Ghost project, Majdan, Zolika(children’s workshop making small leather goods), Sister & me, Shopping Cart Art Project, Sand Project (workshop for painting with sand), Oloop (creative knitting workshop),Plink Plonk (the way from sound to music), Converse get dirty music stage, Dj workshop, Mikser House stage and many other program and concerts including end-day parties where participants and visitors may interact and have fun with each other. The list above shows you just how diverse is the event and is worth a visit.

Just to list few programs what catched our interest and would definitely visit if being there:

Fund Ecotopia display exhibition under name- „Izes naviku” (Bad habits). The exhibition is focused on the necessity of changing bad habits of people who contribute significantly to the pollution of the environment in which we live. For seven weeks of online photo contest, arrived 264 photographs from all parts of Serbia, which is a testimony to our negligence towards the environment. In the photo you’ll see garbage out containers, washing machines, refrigerators and furniture in the rivers, cars parked on the green areas, plastic bags on the branches of trees.Through this festival Ecotopia will showcase 15 most authentic photos from the contest, sent by people from all over the Serbia. Photos convey the message that sustainable development is possible, it’s not a futureless way but personal responsibility is crucial in solving many problems, especially in the field of environmental protection.We think that this kind of exhibition has really significant moral messages and not only for local people!anica zapunski

2. BALKAN DESIGN EXPO Balkan Design Expo engaged itself in the promotion and affirmation of national and regional design, and the connection of all the Balkan unique design scene. Visitors will be in direct contact with the current design trends and directly involved in this reserved seems world …As design markets are part of festivals in other European countries, we think that markets are still undiscovered in this region and it is interesting to observe the role of design in local designer’s life. One of the reasons why it is worth to visit the market is that this region is still hasn’t got that impact of globalized way of thinking as other European countries does.


Mixer Festival and Vladimir Vesović invite you to peek into the wonderful world of comics! Vlada Vesović is a kind of guru in this world- workshop of comics, illustrations, comic book heroes, where participants will have the opportunity to learn to draw their favorite  heroes, but also to meet new characters.02_vlada_vesovic_skola_stripa

Flamancoraneo is a blend of classical, traditional and modern flamenco, contemporary dance. Modern and inherited, conventional and free, rigid and dynamic…constant struggles of opposites! Authors show deconstruction instead of  destruction, integration prior to conflict…Their aims are to teach us how to keep old, traditional with today’s free, modern spirit in the same time. Two flamenco artists are symbol of metamorphosis, as the place itself is, what shows they rely the old walls giving them a new life and perspectives.03_igor_simic

One of the main reasons to visit the Mikser Festival is that it is one of the greatest event of its kind in the Balkan region.
So guys, what are you waiting for?

Photos & more info:




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