Rafal Milach is mostly a documentary photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland and ITF in Opava, Czech Republic. His pictures and books have been awarded with World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International, Magnum Expression Awards, Photography Book Now and New York Photo Festival awards.Rafal-Milach_Black-Sea-3 Few years ago Rafal created a photo compilation under name „Sputnik Photos”, together with 10 other Central-Eastern European photographers. The purpose of this promising collaboration was a documentation, promotion and spreading knowledge about changes in CEE countries. This work resulted the self-published book“Black Sea of Concrete”. Working on this project, Rafael has been travelling to Ukrainian costal towns and meeting with local people. He has documented the lives of these people and their particular relation with the sea. Shortly it is an Ukrainian story about Black Sea through portraits of locals and images from their everyday moments. The main characteristic of these photos is the concrete and the greyish, colorless environment. The „hard”, wordless past still keeps the strength out there and it is like the iron hand what it makes you feel like it will never leave the present. It is like a strong bond which takes you away to specific social, realistic tour. While you are diving into these amazing moments, you will recognize contradictory: disharmony in harmony. As we know, local people always respect the power of the sea and the nature also start to conquer its own place – so this phenomenon represents the part of harmony. But instead of sunny, beautiful, airy costal moments you will see & feel the weird silent with cold, huge concrete monuments around. Deserted coast, bounced industrial view, lifeless strand, tempestuous dark blue sea and people waiting for the better life!
Enjoy the significant picture gallery and in the next section we will represent Rafael’s fashion photos, which proove that good photographer is capable to catch the right moments and details anywhere for any purpose.

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