Make your day unforgettable with amazing visual art pieces made by the graphic designer Cristian Boian from Romania. cristian-boian-digital-art-2Before becoming a visual artist, he was a carpenter in his hometown. Knowing these facts now we can understand why he loves to use mostly organic forms. Probably because he was born in little village called Curtea de Arges and the given environment, like closeness to the nature, the everydays in authentic village life and his master carpenter background gave him the strong base of visual expression. He creates very complex curves, ellipses and fractal figures which reflect the soul of the person who loves & respects nature. His works represent a sculptural lines with subtle, quality textures and masculin vibes. Silhouettes are mixed into a kaleidoscopic collage of textures and shapes providing fresh inspiration. While I was browsing his wonderful art, I felt like Alice in wonderland where anything can happen, of course in good sense: shifted lines, perfect use of colours, monochromatic forms with pastel shades and bold contrasts, circles, futuristic shapes, recognizable flowers, boughs, people, birds inserted in contemporary digital world. All these elements build one real power of visual communication. As he said about his visual empire: “I hope my images can positively inspire those who are looking at them”.
It’s up to you what kind of message you’ll see.
His graphics are on the latest Hewlett Packard laptop backgrounds. I am sure you will enjoy this rich gallery!

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