Rafal Milach is mostly a documentary photographer – we wrote about his well-known Concrete project in our previous article – As we have promised You, now we are introducing his fashion photographer side.

Rafal Milach I think he is a real example who proves the fact that professional photographer captures the essence in all areas around himself/herself.Watching his works of fashion photography, they caught my visual imagination and brought me to a special world where simple moments around us meet art, and their mixture create unusual moods where everyday details become subtle messages bringing bold, conceptual ideas, spicing up his works with playful shades or reactonary wit. Comparing his documentary and fashion photos I recognized one main common feature – the social bond – solitude and gloomy frame of mind combining with new, youngful spirit & actual photographic trends. And the central figures of his works are always human beings. Actually, his fashion side is also somehow documentary substance, because he doesn’t show the high, unattainable, artificial side of it, even more, he aims to represent the real, man-friendly, wearable part of today’s fashion. So, be a part of Rafal’s world for few moments and decide if You feel the same?

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