Olga Košica and Rok Marinšek Winter garden–by Pablo Neruda

because he speaks in a voice that resonates within me, like an ancestor…

winter garden

winter arrives. shining dictation
the wet leaves give me,
dressed in silence and yellow.

i am a book of snow,
a spacious hand, an open meadow,
a circle that waits,
i belong to the earth and its winter.

earth’s rumor grew in the leaves,
soon the wheat flared up
punctuated by red flowers like burns,
then autumn arrived to set down
the wine’s scripture:
everything passed, the goblet of summer
was a fleeting sky,
the navigating cloud burned out.

i stood on the balcony dark with mourning,
like yesterday with the ivies of my childhood,
hoping the earth would spread its wings
in my uninhabited love.

i knew the rose would fall
and the pit of the passing peach
would sleep and germinate once more,
and i got drunk on the air
until the whole sea became the night
and the red sky turned to ash.

now the earth lives
numbing its oldest questions,
the skin of its silence stretched out.
once more i am the silent one
who came out of the distance
wrapped in cold rain and bells:
i owe to earth’s pure death
the will to sprout.

(translation by william o’daly)Olga Košica and Rok Marinšek

This amazing poem of Pablo Neruda inspired the design duo of Olga Košica and Rok Marinšek from Slovenia. It’s true that the designers came from a completely different living space & time than the poet, but the subject itself: „Winter Garden” is enough to enrich your fantasy to understand and to reinterpret it in own aspect. The designers took their boldness and create their own wonderful eden winter garden. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings in organic forms, frozen motifs, beautiful leafs, snowflakes, lianas, dark lines mixed with abstract geometric forms. Subtle and provocative, bold but sensual. One thing is sure: the art works of this young master duo reflects the praise and adorement of nature and humans. Sometimes in cold and venturous form, but the deep beauty rise above all attributes.
In closing, refresh your hot, summer days with this collection, which really „..belongs to the earth and its winter…” as Pablo captured his timeless thoughts.
We Wish You pleasant refreshment, and enjoy the pieces from their previous collections as well!

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