1883… Imogen Cunningham was born in 1883.1965 While you’ll browse her amazing photos, you will understand why I highlighted the year of her birth – you have a feeling of timeless capsule where concepts like old and modern have completely dissapeared. She started her photographic career at the age of 18 and was still taking photographs until her death. She is most known for her stunning close-ups of flowers.Cunningham enjoyed to photograph the artistic nudes of her husband, friends and family, and to study the plants found in her garden while she was a mom of three children. She was one of the very first professional woman photographers. She loved to use textures, natural light and a technique of sharply focused images.There is no question that she was one of the greatest female photographers of all times. Cunningham tried herself at documentary street photography as well. She has subtle and bold style in the same time. Her photos make me think about loneliness, beauty, celebration of the human, passing, gratefulness, abandonment, feelings through face features. We can really say that she was a live preposition of nowadays. Elegant lines with intimely moods containing unforgettable shadows. She had something eternal and incomprehensible in her master pieces. My favorite photos are: “Unmade bed” with its homely mood, “The bather” from 1915., “Dream walking” with contemporary intension, “The wind”, all portraits (Frida Cahlo, Morris Graves, Cary Grant, her parents etc.) and of course Imogen’s street photos. Can you imagine how difficult it was at her time to be a photographer as a woman? Especially using unusual and uncomfortable themes of that time. Big respect to her!

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