Marija Braut was born in 1929 in Celje, Slovenia, and she moved to Croatia in 1941 where she studied architecture. She is one of the most significant photographers of Croatia ever. braut_4She began working in photography only at the ’60-s, and her first exhibition was held in 1969. She works mostly as an independent artist. She has worked with the Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb Youth Theatre, Drama Theatre, Kerempuh satirical theater and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. She has participated in more than one hundred solo and group exhibitions, and her works were published in newspapers and special magazines.
She was a master of light and darkness – white and deep blackness. Her art is mostly remembered for the contrasting images, by striking blackness that sometimes suggest anxiety of living. On the contrary the details are not lost in the dark. The common theme what she used in her photography was the window as a relation between inner and outer. The contrast is present not only through technical elements, but she also loved to bring theatrical moments mixed with harsh reality – the environment. Overviewing her real art pieces she had a message for us: to fight for a change!

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