WISH is an online blog-magazine project addicted to beauty. We adore visuality, design, fashion, photography, music, art, style and uniqueness in any form.

Our concept is to bring you treasures and talents mostly from the Central-East EU region – of course from our personal standpoint. By reading our blog You will be assured that this area carries millions of treasures, valuable details, special moods, interesting people, talented designers, artists and creative minds. The threads of past and present show that in spite of the communistic era this region bears special qualities where You will experience the vibes of contemporary, aristocratic, extraordinary, street, ethno, East & West at the same time – and much more…We are also ready to impress you with artists, designers or simply with everyday people from all over the world. We represent versatility, super heroes, contemporary pieces, actualities, new waves from street and culture! WISH constantly search for something new & undiscovered.

  Shortly: WISH hunts impressions for you & WISH a beautiful world!

 With ♥

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